February 2021

Here is one of our new finishes, “Antique Bronze”, which adds character and lustre to any of our brass items.

This is a 65014A quadilent stay which is used on top hung opening out fanlights.

We can also supply not only the hooks to operate these stays, but the poles as well, so you can get all you need from one source.

November 2019

We recently supplied fittings from both our Arbor and Classic ranges to a new build project in Northern Ireland.

Arbor lever handles and door stops were supplied, and these were made in a combination of mahogany with our “imitation bronze metal antique” finish applied to the brass components.

As the doors had applied mouldings, we made the levers with longer necks to give sufficient clearance behind the lever.

Classic range turnpieces were used to operate the bathroom locks, and electrical accessories from our Classic range were also chosen. These Classic range products were finished in “imitation bronze metal antique”, so the Arbor and Classic range products looked comfortable alongside eachother.

September 2019

We were tasked by a contractor to supply five new hinges to exactly match an existing one.
The new hinges were CNC machined from solid brass to ensure that they were accurately made and the picture shows one of the new hinges on the left.

April 2018

As we have our own manufacturing facility, we can make bespoke items to suit special requirements.

Shown here is a polished brass shutter bar made to match the original steel one.
There were six required on a refurbishment project, and we designed them so that they could be easily reversed on site.

March 2018

As part of a residential project in London, we were asked to supply sash pulleys with our antique brass finish applied to the faceplates and wheels.
All the other door and windows fittings on the project had this finish applied to them and the design team wanted all the ironmongery to match.

Our antique brass finish is hand applied, so care must be taken to ensure all the batches of fittings have a matching finish. We achieve this by keeping a control sample for each project so any subsequent requirements will be supplied with a matching finish.
We have also supplied sash pulleys with other plated finishes, including gold and silver plate.

August 2017

We have updated our Arbor range catalogue to incorporate the new selection of electrical accessories.

These electrical accessories feature a slim plate, and concealed fixing, and the range includes rocker and dolly plates, power sockets and dimmers, as well as data sockets. In fact everything you would need for a particular scheme.

Our Arbor range of architectural ironmongery also encompasses door, window and cabinet fittings, and with our ability to make special bespoke products it means the Arbor concept can be used throughout a complete project.

May 2017

We have introduced two new “series” of Arbor electrical accessories.
One of these features a very slim plate with visible fixing screws, and the other answers every designer`s dream with concealed fixing.

All of our Arbor accessories are individually made and incorporate a real wood veneer centre panel on a solid brass plate.

There are 13 varieties of wood veneers to choose from, and 13 different finishes can be applied to the brass plates, making a staggering 169 combinations of veneers and finishes to select from.

Apart from supplying standard products, we can make special items to a specific requirement, meaning that our Arbor electrical accessories can be used throughout a whole scheme.

February 2017

Here we are showing a towel rail and pull handle which we made to a designer`s own specification.

The material was brass with a polished nickel plated finish.

They were made for a hotel in London and the quantities involved were 34 towel rails and 102 pull handles.

Apart from making the Arbor range in our own works, we can manufacture “specials”, and these can be anything in brass or bronze.

November 2016

Our Arbor range can be supplied with the wooden components painted in any colour.

This example of a mortice knob was used on a high end residential project, and the colour was specified as Farrow and Ball, Pitch Black Number 256.

The finish of the mounting rose was black nickel plated.

The Arbor range encompasses door and window fittings, electrical accessories and cabinet fittings, so the Arbor concept can be used throughout a complete scheme.

September 2016

The question we were asked was:- “How do you manually open and close a wide fanlight?”
The answer was to use a double quadilent stay as shown here.
In our own workshop we adapted the standard single stays, linking them with a 600mm long bar. There was a total of nine required.
The fanlights were out of reach, so we made some wooden poles to enable them to be effortlessly operated. As we have a wood turning facility for our Arbor range this was easy to achieve.
The project was in Lithuania, but we were able to check the window manufacturer`s drawings to ensure the products would fit satisfactorily.

July 2016

This leverset for a multipoint lock might look standard, but we made it precisely to the contractor`s requirement.
The plates were made longer than usual as there were some holes in the door which needed covering.
Our own antique brass finish was applied to the leverset allowing it to blend in with the other fittings on the door.
Apart from our two extensive ranges of architectural ironmongery, we have our own manufacturing unit which allows us to make bespoke products to suit particular requirements.

June 2016

We were asked to make special flush pull handles for a hotel project in London.

They were supplied in an unfinished condition so the customer could use their own finishing company to apply the final finish.

We have our own manufacturing facility and use CAD/CAM to achieve a high standard of accuracy.

For this project we had to supply samples in a very short time frame, but as we have our own works, this presented no problem for us

March 2016

Our Arbor items are available in many different combinations of wood and finishes, but we can even paint the wooden part in any colour to suit a particular scheme.
Here we are showing Arbor products with the wooden part painted to match Paint and Paper Library Slate III.
They were made for a project in London, and the products are the 34310 mortice knob, 41320 32mm cupboard knob and the 38605 flush pull handle.
The finish applied to the brass components was satin nickel plate.

January 2016

As part of a contract in London, we manufactured these special flush pull handles to suit the designer`s specification.

They were produced in brass and then had our antique finish applied to them.

Having our own manufacturing facility means we can easily make special bespoke items. We can work from drawings or sketches, and can advise on the suitability of a suggested design.

October 2015

These Arbor lever handles and casement fittings were supplied for a barn conversion project.

We made them in a natural oak and antique brass combination, and the architect specified that the levers should be longer than our standard product. All our Arbor items are made exclusively by us so making special items to a particular specification presents no difficulties.

September 2015

We supplied these specially made robe hooks in a polished nickel plated finish to meet the client`s particular requirements.

As we have our own manufacturing facility, we can make bespoke items, and can apply various finishes to them.

June 2015

These special Arbor cabinet pull handles were based on the 38310 15mm diameter product, but were made to 190mm and 800mm lengths, with additional stems.
The wood was painted black, and the brass components were finished in the “Imitation Bronze Metal Antique” finish.
All our Arbor products are individually made by us, so making special items presents no difficulties.

April 2015

Here is another example of the Arbor 34310 mortice knob with a painted finish.
For this project we had to match the colour “Greyfriars” by Marston and Langinger.
A spectrometer was used to scan a sample of the colour, and then the paint could be mixed to match this sample.

Our painted Arbor products enhance any interior scheme, whether it is a contemporary minimalist scheme, or where a contrasting colour is required.

February 2015

We supplied these Arbor 41320 cupboard knobs for a fitted kitchen.
The wood was painted black, and the brass mount was finished in an “Imitation Bronze Metal Antique” finish.

Because we can paint the wooden part in any colour, it gives designers tremendous freedom to either conceal the fittings in a minimalist scheme, or to have a contrast and make the Arbor items stand out.

December 2014

One of our recent orders included our Arbor mortice knob, 34310, with a painted finish and satin nickel plated rose.
The paint had to match a Farrow and Ball colour, but we can match any standard or special finish.

Our painted Arbor fittings can be used on a minimalist scheme where the ironmongery needs to
be blended in to the surrounding decor, or where a splash of colour is needed to highlight the fittings.

September 2014

Here are a pair of Arbor pull handles made with “back to back” fixing. The client wanted the look of ebony without the high cost associated with this material, so we “ebonised” the wood to give the look that was needed. The brass components were satin nickel plated to give a pleasing contrast.

Although we promote that we have thirteen different woods to choose from, quite often we are asked to supply something different as in this case.

August 2014

We recently made these Arbor lever handles for a project where the doors were larger than normal. To get the proportions right, the levers were made longer than standard.

The materials were lacquered beech with satin nickel plated components, shown on the left, and iroko with satin brass finished components, on the right.

As we manufacture all the Arbor products in our own works, making special bespoke products can be easily undertaken by us.

July 2014

We can supply our espagnolette bolts with different levers or knobs.

As part of a contract, we supplied our Classic 27253 bolt with the 35001 lever in a polished brass finish.
Our espagnolette bolts can be supplied to fit any height of door, and can have external fittings for gaining access from outside of a building.

In addition all of our bolts can incorporate a locking function.

May 2014

We have now complemented our unique Arbor range with the addition of matching electrical accessories.

All the different finishes and wood types are available in this extensive range which includes rocker and dolly switches, power sockets, dimmers and all the accessories needed for a complete project. We can also supply specially designed products to suit a particular requirement meaning that the Arbor range can be used throughout a whole scheme.

February 2014

As part of a contract to supply the Arbor range to a large residential project,
we were tasked to supply special fittings to be installed on sliding doors
which retracted into pockets.

The pictures shows the flush fitting handle which was set into the door as
“back to back pairs”.

The knobs were dark mahogany and the brass parts were polish nickel plated.

To enable the doors to be pulled out of the pocket our door edge flush pull handle from our Classic range was fitted into the nose of the doors.

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