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38310 15mm dia. Cabinet handle with finials

Standard sizes -

Overall length 75mm       Centres 48mm

Overall length 80mm       Centres 50mm

Overall length 90mm       Centres 55mm

Overall length 100mm     Centres 60mm

Overall length 110mm     Centres 65mm

Overall length 120mm     Centres 70mm

Overall length 130mm     Centres 75mm

Overall length 140mm     Centres 80mm

Overall length 150mm     Centres 85mm

Overall length 190mm     Centres 128mm

Cabinet Handle with finials 15mm dia. - 38310

SKU: 38310
  • We can make these cabinet handles with special centres dimensions. This makes it easy to fit these handles to existing cabinets and drawers where the bolt holes have already been drilled.

    To order, select the nearest standard size and fill in the information box with the centres dimension you require.

    There is no additional charge for making these handles with a special centres dimension.

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