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Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania

This project was a luxury penthouse, which was completely transformed by the design team.

Our brief was to supply fittings for the windows and to protect the doors with purpose made door stops.


The windows were new, and included very wide fanlights.

The solution to operate these fanlights was to make special double quadilent stays.
Working closely with the joinery contractor we were able to ensure that there was going to be enough timber to fix these.
To operate these stays we made wooden poles with pole hooks, and even supplied storage hooks to hold these poles in place by the windows. As we hand turn wooden components for our Arbor range, supplying these poles was easy for us to do.

The casement windows were secured using espagnolette bolts from our Classic range, and sliding stays were used to hold the windows in their open position.


This shows the fanlight in the open position. A hand operated pole is used to engage in the ring on the cross bar and to push the mechanism to its open position.


New doors were installed throughout, and the client was concerned about holding these in their open position.

The solution was to use our door stop/holders, but to supply them with larger rubber buffers, which could be cut down on site. In this way the doors could be held snugly in the open position.


This shows the door being held snuggly in our modified door stop holder, product code 39008S.


Finally, the large entrance door had a significant gap under it when in the open position. Any door stop had to be designed to deal with this.

A wall mounted door stop could not be used, so we made a special plinth for our 39001 floor mounted door stop.


This shows the need for the door stop to be raised. The product code is 39001S. As we have our own manufacturing facility, we can make bespoke products like this.

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