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Colour Coated Items



In addition to the thirteen different woods we use, we can colour coat the wooden components to suit a particular design scheme.

The colour can be either a standard RAL colour, or a non-standard colour for us to match.

We use a 2 part acid catalyst lacquer with a sheen of approximately 20%.

This gives a tough and durable finish.

We don’t recommend that items which have grooves are colour coated.


When ordering Arbor items to be colour coated, there will be an additional cost, which depends on the lacquer specified and how many items are involved. Therefore please advise us before you place the order so we can work out this additional cost.


Coloured fittings can be used to “hide” the product as shown here:-

Arbor - White-Mortice-knob V2.jpg

Here we are showing mortice knob product code 34310, colour coated white to match the colour of the door.

Or more distinct colours can be used to make a statement:-


Here is another example of the Arbor 34310 mortice knob with a colour coated finish.

For this project we had to match the colour “Greyfriars” by Marston and Langinger

A spectrometer was used to scan a sample of the colour, and then the lacquer could be mixed to match this sample.


This example of a mortice knob was used on a high end residential project, and the colour was specified as Farrow and Ball, Pitch Black Number 256.

The finish of the mounting rose was black nickel plated.


Here we are showing Arbor products with the wooden part colour coated to match Paint and Paper Library Slate III.

They were made for a project in London, and the products are the 34310 mortice knob, 41320 32mm cupboard knob and the 38605 flush pull handle.

The finish applied to the brass components was satin nickel plate.

Pull handles.jpg

These special Arbor cabinet pull handles were based on the 38310 15mm diameter product, but were made to 190mm and 800mm lengths, with additional stems.


The wood was colour coated black, and the brass components were finished in the “Imitation Bronze Metal Antique” finish.


We supplied these Arbor 41320 cupboard knobs for a fitted kitchen.

The wood was colour coated black, and the brass mount was finished in an “Imitation Bronze Metal Antique” finish.

Painted items.jpg

We supplied these items on a residential project in London. The wooden parts were colour coated white, to the designer`s specification, and the brass components were polished brass, lacquered.

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