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11080 - Tectus concealed hinge - TE 540 3D A8

For doors and walls with cladding upto 8mm.

Height 200

Opening angle 180 degrees.
Suitable for door weighing up to 100 kg. if 2 hinges are fitted.

Not suitable for fire check doors.

For fire check doors use 11081 (TE 540 3D A8 FR) - please ask for details.



For the following finishes a minimum order quantity may apply.

Polished Nickelled (SW 038)

Polished brassed (SW 030)

Satin Nickel (SW 144)


Also available:-

11082 (TE 640 3D A8)

11083 (TE 640 3D A8 FR)

Please ask for details.


For more information go to:-



Concealed hinge - Tectus - 11080 (TE 540 3D A8)

SKU: 11080
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